Thanks but no thanks…why I don’t want your eggs

My sister offered. My best friend I’ve known since I was seven offered. A colleague offered. Hell, I think maybe a girl in my local shop might’ve even offered. 

Their gestures come from love and generosity. Heart and kindness. Pity and helplessness. They want to give me their eggs. Not a carton of freshly laid organic hen’s offerings but those of the fertile human kind. They’ve seen my plight. They’ve heard the yearning and disappointment in my voice when each painful egg extraction brings only seven follicles of which three or four measly little eggs survive. They know how much our hearts break and our souls struggle to keep up with the battle. 

And it would be great to have the eggs of a fit and spritely 30 y o uterus that hasn’t decided to shut up shop. Whose eggs are so good they might even split in two. Yes it’s probably one of the most incredible things one woman can do for another…just not me. 

Why? Not because I think my genes are so shit hot that I must go forth and multiply to create more me in the world. Not because I worry that the kind-hearted donor might one day change her mind and want her egg-turned-baby back. 

No, the reason is this. I have the most incredibly amazeballs kid who lights up my life. He has equal parts me and his daddy. He does things that remind me of me when I was a kid and has mannerisms that constantly remind me how great his dad was. Equal parts me, equal parts him. Ours. 

We don’t want a kid just because I want to be up the knock. We want a baby that Is Equal parts The Vet, equal parts me. There are far too many unwanted kids in the world today and it would be downright selfish of me to demand someone else’s eggs just to satisfy our needs. 

No, instead if all else fails, if our last round is not the one to bring our dreams to life, if we give up the battle to bring our baby into the world…the only option and the most socially responsible one for me is to help give a better life to one of those thousands of unwanted kids coming into the world in hospitals without two loving parents who desperately want them in their lives. Lov n hugs Lady Mama G xxo 

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