Pride…thanks for the best nine years of my life…

when you wish upon a star...

when you wish upon a star…

Nine years ago, at 9.30am on a warm and sticky Monday morning, you made your (rather hasty) entry into this world and that was the very first day you melted our hearts. From the first moment the first person in the world held you, he promised nothing and no one would ever hurt you…he said hello my little man with a smile of father’s pride and we both thought nothing could ever beat this moment.

And then there was the first time you looked up at us and smiled…and we melted all over again. Then when you mumbled your first word (even though it wasn’t mama) I thought my heart was so big it was going to burst. The moment you took your first steps, the pride inside our hearts was like you were the first baby to ever walk in the world.

Then it was the first time you learnt to ride your bike on your own, wobbling down the road with your little legs pedaling as fast as they could to keep up momentum, little squeals of glee as you realised you got it, you got it, you’re actually riding on your own! And even though he wasn’t there beside you pushing you along, he was there beside you all the way. You wished upon that star every night and it twinkled right back down at you, watching over your every step.

Your first day of school…in a hat falling down over your eyes, your spindly little legs hanging out beneath too-big-for-you shorts and a schoolbag that almost touched the ground…how could my baby have grown so big so quick?

Then suddenly, the day you gave your mummy away, you grew up into a big boy…almost like it was overnight. Your legs seemed longer and you stood taller. There was something different about you. An inner smile. An inner peace. You held my hand when the wedding car man forgot to pick us up and you told me ‘it’s going to be okay, mummy’ and all of a sudden it was you making everything alright for me. On the happiest day of our lives, my heart was so big when you walked me down the aisle and we three became one.

Nine years. So much has happened my baby boy. So many smiles, so many tears, so many falls but so many rises.

Thank you for bringing me the best 10 years of my life, little peanut.

Love, your Lady MamaG xox


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