Another year another candle…

Always by my side…

It’s my birthday in a couple of days…(don’t say I didn’t warn you) and as a Scorpian it is in my nature to remind you all of this fact. I like to warn those close to me at least once a day in the lead up to the anniversary of my birth you know, just in case they forget. There will be no ‘oh shit, sorry I forgot’ being uttered from the mouths of the Mama G household. None. At. All. Although my son – who I’d like to point out has been in my life for some eight years now, did say to me the other day ‘is it the 10th or the 11th?’ Excellent. What made it even better was when I asked him his OD’s (other dad’s) birthday he answered without hesitation. And it was the correct date. Anyway, I like to take at least a week to celebrate…after all it comes around but once a year. So this year I’ve decided to be a very good girl because the one thing – besides a new pair of bamboo Gucci sunnies – that I want most is to have a little person growing inside my belly.

Aside from things I want and the fact that having a baby is COMPLETELY CONSUMING MY EVERY MINUTE I would also like to go all soppy chick movie on you and be thankful for the stuff I have.

The World’s Best Husband. The World’s Best 8 Y O. The world’s best friends, for these things I am so lucky it hurts like a running stitch.

Without my friends I don’t know where I’d be. Because friendship is leaving your 10-month-old baby behind so you can cross the Tasman and be with your bestie on her wedding day. It’s working the late shift for 10 days straight just so you can go and be with her on her hen’s night. It’s spending your family’s holiday money on an air ticket to her wedding when you feel guilty about leaving your own kids behind. It’s making sure everything works out even when your friend is screaming and crying at the same time. It’s pulling an overnighter at the airport just so you can catch a standby flight the next morning. It’s naming your firstborn son after your friend’s late husband. It’s answering late night phone calls but not getting the shits when she doesn’t answer yours for the fiftieth time.

It’s telling her she looks hot even when she has a two-inch greasy regrowth and teenage acne sprouting from her chin, but it’s also telling your friend when she has a huge hunk of green plantlife submerged in her nashers. It’s never saying things that will hurt later.

Friendship is crying happy tears at the thought of her new beginnings. It’s knowing they’ll be there and have been there for all the endings too. It’s about offering an ear of advice not a beady eye of judgement. It’s listening when you know you’ve heard the same story a million times but still laughing like you’d never heard it before. It’s sending flowers on anniversaries when words are all that’s needed. It’s taking your kid for the night when you can’t get off the couch because you’re vomiting so much.

Friendship is picking up the pieces when you know they won’t fit back together again.

So as another year passes, no matter how many candles get added to my cake, how many more wrinkles turn up on my face and how many more kilo’s get added to my hips…I know I’ll always be the richest girl in the world because the greatest gift doesn’t come in a box, can’t be driven fast and can never be worn out…it is friendship.

PS: Thought I’d share today’s school run convo:
Mummy am I a miracle child? Came the voice of my 8 y o from the back seat. ‘Well, that depends what you term miracle, love. If it’s that you weren’t born with a film of brown around you because your mother consumed so much chocolate, then yes, you are quite the miracle. But what sort of miracle do you mean?’ ‘Well Joseph was a miracle. He could see into the future. He could predict things. He’s in the bible.’ ‘Yes, well in that case I’m not sure there are too many Flynns mentioned in the bible, so aside from you being my little miracle, no you are not a Miracle Child, no’. But I could be a miracle child. I might be able to see things in the future. ‘Yes, well let’s just see if you can miraculously finish your homework tonight then shall we, future boy’. Guessing that wasn’t really the miracle gift he was after.

Helloooooo universe, did I mention I’m lucky…?

Love n hugs, Lady Mama Gxox

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