An open letter to Michelle Bridges: Fertility isn’t a challenge on the Biggest Loser…

It sure ain’t easy to get yourself up the knock. Specially when you’re numerically-challenged – both in the age sense and that of your medical egg count. This won’t come as any huge surprise to my fellow infertilee’s out there who are rolling their eyes right now and thinking ‘hmff, she calls herself a writer’.

why you should never pick up a stranger's baby...

I’ll say it again. It sure ain’t easy trying to get yourself a lil embryo to grow its tiny being inside your belly. But some might have us think a little different. And I’ll buy into any damn thing that tells me there’s a teeny eeny incy fragment of a chance…if I try this. Which is why a fluro yellow headline caught my beady little eye on the supermarket shelf the other day. ‘Star pregnant at 44’. Now there’s someone who blanked the odds, I thought. Took them square in the guts and tackled them to the ground harder than a 1990s Jonah Lomu three-step.

Michelle Bridges is one of those people – who’s battled the odds, not physically tackled anyone (that I’m aware of) but she’s leapt over any hurdles and landed herself naturally pregnant…yes at 44. Shit I’m happy for her, I’ve stopped short of posting a pair of hand-knitted booties to her home but yep, it’s swell.

Buuuuut Michelle, oh dear love, let me give you the heads up before the rest of the entire infertile community start to bring down your Twitter account with their bile-filled hatred…the absolute LAST thing you must do when you beat the odds and get yourself all naturally up the duff is to publicly 1. Act Smug and 2. Tell everyone it’s because of your ‘super healthy fit lifestyle’.

Sure we’re sensitive. Hells yes, we react like the atom bomb when pushed. And perhaps we could be a little edgy but listen up, lovie: How’s about instead of preaching that you so easily fell pregnant because of your supersonic diet and your ability to run 10km a day before squatting your way through a morning cup of tea, that you stick to what you know – which is helping people get fit and lose a body size.

I’ve no doubt your success is wholly attributed to your ability to push people beyond their limits to make them realise their weight dream goal but in the words of fine Yoda, fertility specialist you be not, dear girl.

It isn’t just a case of super diets and navy-seal type training regimes. Ask any specialist and they’ll tell you – some women can be majorly obese and still fall pregnant. Others might have a BMI of 2 (if there is such a thing), run every day and still not have the ability to hold onto their embryo.

Some of us have very real fertility issues that simply cannot be fixed with a brain-frying run followed by a quinoa salad, or by cutting out our weekly KFC-binge fest. I’m sure you didn’t intend to tie those of us fertility-challenged’ undies all up in a tizzy but by shit, you have.

Congrats on your baby news. You were one of the lucky ones. How about not making the rest of us feel like a bucket of shit…love n’ hugs Lady MamaG xox

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