Can you keep a secret…?

My lil' Mr Incredible...

My lil’ Mr Incredible…

Me? I’m a shocker with surprises….I am abso-freaking-lutely shittingly useless. I get all too excited and from time-to-time might accidentally let something slip (because if I hold in too much I may just wee myself) which is why it may come as some surprise to you that I’ve managed to keep this one for a whole two months. Quiet fairy clap for me, please. I’ll share it with you but be sure to keep your trap shut until Thursday morning at around 11.30am. Before I tell you the surprise though, I need to fill you in on a bit of background.

When 11 y o was about three or four, I can’t remember exactly because some parts of those years are all but a blur…but he wouldn’t have been much more than three and a half because we hadn’t long lost his Daddy. He came into my room one night, carrying his trusty Big Ted under his arm he climbs up over the side of the bed and is whimpering. I miss my daddy, why did he have to leave us? I want him to come baaaack,’ he’s crying into my ear. It wasn’t unusual for him to wake up in the night like that but he’d got himself so worked up that it took me a bit to get him calm again. I held him tight and told him ‘One day very soon, mummy’s going to take you to the happiest place on earth…it’s so magical that it can take away all your hurt and all your sad. It will make your heart feel all warm again.’

The tears were soon forgotten but the promise was sealed. For years after that night I would tell him one day we’ll go there, one day all your happiness will come back into your heart. There has been pain and heartache in his short life and I’ve spent the past eight years trying to heal that sadness, make him better, fill the hole left behind, give him enough love of two parents.

And once The Vet came into our lives, the big grey clouds were gone…there’s been nothing but sunshine ever since. How the 11 y o has grown into an even more incredible being than before. The Vet is the one, and the only one who could fill all our dreams, take us to the happiest place on earth. Heal our hearts, our sad, our fear. There isn’t enough space in the interwebby for me to bang on about how flippin’ great he is. How he has rebuilt our lives like a kit of lego. How kind, loving, nuturing and gentle, yet ever respectful he is of us both…it’s the biggest reason I keep going back again and again for nine, ten even, rounds of fertility shit because the world just needs more people like The Vet in it.

The small person thinks we’re going to Melbourne this week on a 12-day holiday. He was like the Carpenters at a folk festival. ‘Can The Vet come for some of the time…?’ he asked. When I told him we were all going for the whole time I think his head almost rolled off his shoulders, his grin be so big!

Wednesday night I get to finally share our secret, I got him a little navy blue travel wallet with the words ‘never stop exploring’ on it. Inside is a vintage Disneyland ticket, an Alcatraz ticket and one for Universal Studios.

And you know what…? He still thinks we’re going to Melbourne…

It’s taken me nearly eight years to come true on that promise I made him all that time ago but in three more sleeps we are going to the happiest place on earth. A place where he can, we all can be kids, be happy, fill our hearts with the warmest feelings like midday sunshine and firecrackers all at once. Heal our bodies and our souls. I can’t wait to see his face… Love n’hugs, Lady MamaG xox

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