Would you believe it…Kylie Jenner finally fesses up about her smackers

So Kylie Jenner’s finally fessed up that her pout ain’t what her mama gave her…collective gasps from people all over I suspect. Sorry luv but you don’t go from having a fairly slim smile to one that looks like it’s been stung by fifty bees overnight. There’s no blaming that one on ‘I’m a late bloomer’ I’m pretty sure lips don’t fall under the puberty umbrella.

life sized Bratz doll, Kylie Jenner

life sized Bratz doll, Kylie Jenner

It’s this puffed up pout which has spawned gazillions of girls to take up something apparently ingenius called  the Kylie Jenner Challenge and attempt her ‘I’m just really good at using lipliner’ puckers. The Challenge – which wasn’t actually started or even endorsed by Ky herself – saw a bunch of young girls sucking on the end of bottles or shot glasses and trying everything under the sun to look like their fave Kardashian idol. The result? Instead of a perfectly plump set of matte smackers, most of these girls ended up with blisters, cuts, welts and general discomfort (not to mention looking like a duck’s butt) some even ending up in the medical centre.

Little Miss Jenner had said she wasn’t comfortable discussing her ‘light lip fillers’ usage with the media right now and instead preferred to let people believe it just magically appeared on her face.

before her 'light fillers' and looking like a normal teen

before her ‘light fillers’ and looking like a normal teen

My issue here is Kylie Jenner is just 17 and apparently lip fillers are not all she’s dabbled in (surgeons have reportedly said she’s had a boob job and a nose job as well) all before she’s even 20? I mean really WTF? I don’t have a teenage daughter  but if I did, I sure as shit wouldn’t want her idolising this little life-sized Bratz doll.

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