Living on a hope and a prayer…

The legend within...hoping for a miracle...

The legend within…hoping for a miracle…

Sometimes even the things we wish for the hardest, no matter how much we burst our heart hoping, praying and willing for things to change, get better, heal or right themselves there is just no fixing them. When the world learned of F1 legend Michael Schumacher’s accident on a ski field, a fierce fear swept through the air. He had hit his head, the most fragile, breakable and often unfixable part of the human body.

He was put into an induced medical coma where, with his family still by his side, he lays today. Unchanged. On his website, his wife says ‘he’s a fighter’. She is keeping vigil beside his bed. Praying for his condition to change. They want him to wake up. They want him to get up and walk out. They want their husband, brother, son, father to open his eyes, smile at them perhaps. For things to go back to how they were a month ago. They want it to be undone, to unravel time back to that day on the mountain and for it to somehow change.

Maybe she is daily telling him, whispering in his ear to keep fighting. To try and wake up. Maybe she is looking for a miracle, in her deepest depths of despair. Maybe she thinks that if she stays beside him so he can hear her, feel her, smell her even, that it will help. Familiarity. Surroundings. Love. Hope. They are all you’re left to offer.

I don’t know him or his wife. I’m just another fan like millions of others around the world. But I know some of his wife’s pain. It is all too familiar. There is nothing greater than a grief that rips control from your very grip, that sees you faced with decisions that are so far beyond you, the fear of loss the fear of never. When all you can do is sit and watch as the constant whir of electronic machines tell you what you don’t want to know. Remind you that they, not you are in control. The ugliest reality of all is the unknown. Like his family, his friends and his fans, I will keep on hoping they can find a way out of this tragedy. Love n’hugs, LadyMamaGxox


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