The Lucky One…

The Lucky One…three hundred and sixty five days of happy.


This time last year I was waking up in a hotel room in Brisbane with my three best friends in the whole world. Nervous giggles and light butterflies floating around in my belly, I looked out the window to see a bright and shiny morning unfolding. Today, I would get my happy back. It was my very own rainbow breaking through the clouds of grey.

A couple of hours later when there was a knock at the door, behind it stood my eight-year-old son. But he wasn’t the baby-faced little imp I’d last seen three days ago. It was a young man dressed in a dapper black suit who I swear had grown a foot in that three days and was beaming with a smile bigger than a dental commercial. Pride and happiness had transformed my little baby boy into a soul far beyond his years. He grabbed hold of my hand when panic set in because our cars never turned up to collect us and assured me everything was going to be okay.

It would take us an hour to get to a church that was only a 10-minute drive through the city but nothing was going to keep me from getting to the man who had healed my heart, taught me to love again and was about to make me the happiest girl on the planet.

I couldn’t look at a single soul gathered in the church that day. I knew if one caught my eye that I might not keep it together but when I lifted my head towards the end of the aisle and saw him standing there, nervous, anxious and probably slightly impatient having had to wait over forty-five minutes for me to arrive, it felt as though sunshine itself was bursting out from my soul. He is and will always be my happiness.

It was the day three became one…the day everything in our life, in my life changed and the day I knew I was The Lucky One…

As floods of messages come in from our friends, our family – all who remember this day as being the most special it could ever be, I feel blessed to be sitting here writing this with so much love.

Over this year I’ve learned there isn’t a single word that could describe how incredibly happy The Vet has made me, has made Us because nothing else matters when we have each other. Our journeys will always be ones carried out together and our burdens shared.

My heart is filled with pride when I see the incredible father he has become, even though he was thrust full force into the deep end, without a learner’s guide. And his humble and gentle nature that has seen him grow his practice to soaring heights by the clients who see the same passion, beauty and depth to his soul that I do.

So thank you my darling husband on this three hundred and sixty fifth day of making me the happiest, and the luckiest girl in the world…you make my every day brighter…

Oh, and one more thing…there is someone else in this world who you made the happiest person on the planet a year ago today and never would these words be more true than now…

My hero…

by the eight-year-old

anybody can be a father, this is surely true

but it takes someone real special to be a man like you.

because you’re there with open arms and a big proud smile

taking me under your wing like i was your own all this while.

always looking out for me, you teach me right from wrong

to me, you’re my hero, and are so much more than strong.

you’re there to kick the ball, the fun games that we play

and you make the sun shine brighter every single day.

you help me learn the hard stuff and believe in all my dreams

even though sometimes super crazy they might seem.

with each day as i grow big, i know that there is you

always making sure i grow up good, strong and true

and all i hope is one day, i’ll be every bit as good a man

for it will only be with your love and helping hand.

you always give me courage and help put behind the past

cheer me on and make me number one even if i’m last

there’s a special place inside my heart that i give to you

and every single day i know that you so love me too.

you’re there to pick me up at times when i may fall

even though daddy might not be the name you hear me call.

for all the times in my life when i might be sad…

i know that you are, and will always be, my other dad.

Love, as always, Lady MamaG xox


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